I am a PhD. student in philosophy at Queen’s University, Kingston. Before coming to Queen’s University I completed a B.A. and M.A. in philosophy at Carleton University in Ottawa. During my time at Carleton I wrote a Master’s thesis on the Stoic Epictetus (in which I examined  the “spiritual exercises” used by Epictetus to train his students to be virtuous, and how these might be understood to work in relation to orthodox Stoic psychology).

My main interest is in ancient philosophy, specifically moral education in the Stoics. I am fascinated by the Hellenistic conception of philosophy as a way of life, which is to be practiced in order to achieve virtue and happiness. I am also interested in philosophy as a skill or craft, and how training and practice factor into become a better philosopher.

Beyond philosophy, I am passionate about martial arts and compete regularly in brazilian jiu-jitsu and wrestling.